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Boxing is for Everyone

For the most part you don't have to be an incredible athlete to fight. Boxing is all about an individual experience, you get what you put into it. Boxing is a full body workout, you can always work around injuries or weaknesses. If you have the willingness to push yourself, the strength and conditioning comes quickly. Boxing is all about little wins, and the wins are exciting. Boxing is a lot of fun, whether I'm training for a championship fight or teaching a class of teenagers on a Saturday, I have a lot of fun. You win every time, you don't need to get a prize to feel good. Even if I lost those fights, I still felt like I won. I know what I put myself through, and found out that I loved the training more than the outcome. I became a trainer to share that with other people, it is all about the journey more than the destination.

Are you 55 with a bad knee and don't exercise? - you'll love boxing

Are you 22 and want to drop 5lbs and learn how to throw an uppercut? - you'll love boxing

Are you always bored in the gym watching tv on the elliptical? - you'll love boxing

- Noel

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