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Box to get stronger.  Box to lose weight.  Box to feel safe.  Box to have fun. BOX TO WIN.


A Bit About Me

Hi! My name is Noel Sanchez.  I have been boxing since I was 12 years old growing up in the Bronx, New York City.  I competed in Golden Gloves, trained with the U.S. Olympic Boxing Team, and became a certified U.S.A Boxing Coach at the age of 25.


What I Do

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Group Sessions/Multiple Sessions

In person and virtual sessions are available as group sessions.  Ask us about discounts for purchasing multiple sessions at once!  Big Discounts Available!

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Private Training

1 on 1 personal boxing training.  Whether you are trying to drop a couple pounds, get in shape for the summer, or learn self defense.  This will be the most intense hour of your week.

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Online Training

Bring me into your livingroom! All you need is a screen with a forward facing camera, I take care of the rest.  Don't have a home gym, no problem! We can burn a thousand calories no matter what!


I lost 40lbs and I'm in the best shape of my life. I've been working with coach for a while now.  I have had personal trainers in the past, but it never stuck.  Working with Noel has become some of the best parts of my week.


Elegant Female

I had never boxed before in my life.  And, I didn't know what to expect.  But I had so much fun that first session, I couldnt wait to get back.  Who knew I could throw an uppercut?!


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There are so many benefits to working out on a regular basis, and I just never did it before.  I am a completely different person, thank you Noel!



Lets Get it Going!

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